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Design / Build / Install

We are the expert landscaping contractors that can design and build the most stunning and sustainable landscapes from scratch. We work very closely with our clients to make sure that our designs and plans match their requirements and ideas. The best materials are used in all the features ensuring their longevity and resilience. We have expert installers on our team with years of experience behind them. This means you are assured of the best quality installations at all times. Regardless of whether you need a landscape installed for your new home, or yard upgrade project, we can provide you with the services you require. We handle projects of all shapes and sizes and make sure that the work is completed to industry standards. Read More About Design/Build/Install >>

Landscape Maintenance

Just having a beautiful landscape isn’t enough. Once all the features have been installed, they also need to be maintained with regularity and in an expert manner. We provide commercial and residential landscape maintenance solutions. Our lawn care solutions are specially designed to ensure that your turf looks stunning right round the year. In addition, we provide excellent trimming and pruning, hardscape maintenance and related services. We use the latest technology and tools in our work and ensure that organic fertilizers and pesticides are used. This helps keep all the living elements on your property in good health and looking great at all times. Read More About Landscape Maintenance >>

Landscape Lighting

If you want to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor spaces even after dark, it is important to get the right type of exterior lighting installed. When we handle any landscaping project, we also provide customized landscape lighting services. As part of these solutions, we handle the installations of different types of lights such as floodlights, backlights, paver lights, boundary lights, step lights, etc. While we do focus on providing the best quality solutions to our clients we also prioritize aspects such as energy-efficiency. Our experts recommend the use of outdoor LED lights. The best quality outdoor grade lighting fixtures would be used in the project, ensuring that your landscape lighting stays in a good condition for several years. Read More About Landscape Lighting >>


When you have lawn spaces on your property, you like to ensure that the grass is mowed with regularity and looked after properly. In addition to this regular maintenance and care, you also need to have the right type of irrigation system installed. If you need a new irrigation system on an existing property or want an older sprinkler system replaced, we can provide you the best and latest irrigation solutions. We provide customized solutions, survey the available space and then recommend the right type of automated irrigation system for your property. This approach helps ensure that your lawns and plantings get the right amount of water at the right times, which helps maintain their appearance and health. Read More About Irrigation >>


Outdoor structures such as arbors and pergolas lend a very distinctive look to your landscaping. However, these features need to be designed and installed with care. When we handle landscaping projects, many of our clients request these features. We provide customized solutions and ensure that the arbor or pergola is proportionate to the size of your yard. In addition, we will make sure that its design and styling complements the look of your landscape and the architectural elements of your home. This detailed approach goes a long way in ensuring you get outdoor structures that are stunning, functional as well as a value-add to your property. Read More About Arbors >>

Sports Fields

If you want a baseball field, softball field or natural football filed constructed, we can provide the best services. We have over 10 years of experience in handling these jobs and you can rest assured that your sportsfield will be built to industry standards. Not only do we handle the installation of new sports fields from the ground up, but we can also tackle all types of maintenance, reconditioning or renovation projects as well. We work with school districts, YMCA’s and City Sports Complexes, to ensure that their sports fields are always in the best condition at all times. We handle every aspect of the project including site preparation, irrigation and drainage as well as excavation and grading. The final surface installation will also be handled in the most expert manner. Read More About Sports Fields >>



Creating outdoor spaces that are beautiful, resilient, and able to withstand the elements is a lot about making the right material choices. This is why we recommend the use of interlocking concrete pavers. Today there are a large number of paver products on the market that you can choose from. These units are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, designs, patterns and textures. This gives us the flexibility to create stunning outdoor spaces on your property. We can install pavers on driveways, walkways, entryways as well as courtyards, decks, patios and more. The expert paver installers on our team will ensure that these units are installed perfectly on compacted sand. This helps increase their longevity and adds to the beauty of your landscape. Read More About Pavers >>


A patio is a great addition to your property. It helps extend the indoor areas and allows you to make better use of the available outdoor spaces. Since a patio is constantly exposed to the elements, we make sure that the materials used are extremely weather-resistant. For example we can install paver stones on the flooring of your patio. If you need an outdoor kitchen installed on the feature we can handle that project as well. Care will be taken to ensure that everything from the lighting, plumbing as well as other installations are completed to perfection. When we handle your patio design and installation job you can rest assured that the structure will be the perfect extension to your home. Read More About Patios >>


Walkways are an essential aspect of a landscape. These features may lead from the driveway to your front door or into any area of your landscape. You may also want walkways installed around the periphery of your home. We are highly focused on providing customized solutions to our clients. Our team can design and install walkways made of gravel, flagstone, a stepping stone, pavers or any other material of your choice. When we handle this job for you, care will be taken to choose the right styling and patterns. We will also ensure that your walkway complements the look of your driveway and other features in your yard as well. Read More About Walkways >>


Your driveway is one of the first things that anyone approaching your house sees. In fact it is a very important aspect of the overall curb appeal of your property as well. This makes it very important to ensure that your driveway is installed expertly. We provide excellent driveway design and installation services. You can choose from materials such as pavers, flagstone, and gravel, stamped and stained concrete etc. We have the expertise to handle driveway installations of any size and type. Regardless of whether you want a new driveway or are replacing an existing one, we can provide you cost-effective solutions that meet your requirements to perfection. Read More About Driveways >>

Swimming Pools

As an expert hardscaping company, we also provide outstanding swimming pool installation services. We work closely with our clients to make sure that the new pool installation is exactly how they envisioned it to be. Not only do we design the actual pool and install it to industry standards but also plan and design the surrounding areas. Since we provide start-to-end services, you only have to deal with a single contractor. This saves you a significant amount of time, effort and trouble of coordinating with multiple contractors. You can rest assured that the swimming pool we install would provide years of enjoyment for you and your family and add value to your home. Read More About Swimming Pools >>


A fire feature installation completes the look of your yard. It allows you to use these outdoor spaces even when there is a nip in the air. When we design a fireplace or fire pit for you, care will be taken to ensure that the design and styling of this structure is in line with your patio, deck or landscaping. These structures can be of any shape and size and we will customize our solutions for you. We can design and install wood-burning or gas fireplaces and fire pits, based on your specific requirements and budget. Top quality outdoor grade materials will be used in the work, ensuring that your fire feature would be able to withstand climatic changes and look great for several years. Read More About Fireplaces/Firepits >>


While the outdoor areas of your home are a definite value add to your property, they will provide excellent return on investment only when they are designed well. It is important to choose the right kind of outdoor structures in order to increase the usability and attractiveness of your yard spaces. We design and install pergolas on decks, patios, poolscapes as well as any other area of your landscape. These structures are simplistic in appearance and add a very appealing look to the outdoor spaces. Our team of designers will ensure that your pergola is designed to blend in perfectly with the architectural aesthetic of your home and that it is resilient and durable. Read More About Pergolas >>

Water Features

The beauty of your landscape depends on the types of features installed in it. It’s important to have the right balance of hardscaping and softscaping in order to create areas that are aesthetically appealing. In addition to these elements, many property owners also like to get water features installed in their yards. Whether you want a fountain, waterfall, stream or pond, we can design the perfect water features for you. When we are handling this job we ensure that these structures are perfectly proportioned and that they are in sync with the styling of your landscape. Exterior-grade materials are used in the work and the installation is handled by experts. Read More About Water Features >>

If you are looking for high-quality landscaping services at very competitive pricing, you are at the right place. When you have the experts at PLM Texas handling your project you are assured of the best features that will add to the appeal and functionality of your yard spaces. For any more information about our services, feel free to contact us at 979-836-9495 or send us a message through this Online Form.

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